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Name: Zero Kiryuu
Canon: Vampire Knight
Canon Point: Chapter 50
Age: 18

Zero's personality is shaped by his life experiences and although he has a base 'core' of personality traits, his actions and motivations will often change depending on where he is on the timeline of the series. Due to his past experiences, Zero is a character that does not give his trust easily. Living with Yuuki for four years, she didn't realize he was a vampire until he'd actually attacked her for the first time. A man of very few words, he had attempted to tell her about the fact that he was a vampire, but Yuuki's fear of vampires had changed his mind and he chose to keep the fact to himself. Because of this, he never told her that he was from a family of Vampire Hunters or that he had a twin brother. This basic information about himself is something he kept from someone he actually trusted. Getting personal information from him is like pulling teeth, but he opened up to her more as his secrets were revealed and their relationship got closer.

Throughout the series, Zero has seen the world as often black or white, all vampires are bad and there is nothing wrong with killing them. He said that the only reason he was a guardian was to discover the best way to kill them. Hatred is a strong word, but it's definitely the way that Zero felt about all vampires. This included the way he perceived Yuuki after her returning to her Pureblood state. He had trouble seeing the gray of the situation and his trust in her shattered as trusting a pureblood is not something he'd ever believe he'd be capable of doing. In fact, Zero went as far as to consider 'Vampire' Yuuki and 'Human' Yuuki as two separate entities in order to get himself through the trauma of that day. In Zero's mind, the Yuuki he knew and grew up with actually died that day leaving behind a shell of monster that walked around with her face.

Through the events that unfolded with Kaname and Zero's lofty position in the Hunters Association, Zero found himself back alongside Yuuki in a familiar position of being by her side in an alliance between her and the Hunter's Association to gain the strength she needed as a Kuran Pureblood to lead the vampires and eventually stop Kaname. Little by little that wall he'd built to protect himself came crumbling down again as the pureblood that walked around with the face of the woman he loved--acted like her too--forcing an internal struggle to face the fact that he was in fact in love with a pureblood. This realization may not be able to come to light as just as he was finally at a point to admit that there was no difference between the "two" Yuuki's--his memory is forcefully altered to remove her completely from it by the very hands of the girl he was struggling to accept.

Zero Kiryuu is an 18 year old workaholic. Recently in canon, he was attending school with the Day Class, shadowing the President of the Hunter's Association in order to learn the job for when he takes it over upon graduation, does his normal hunting duties at night and has also taken on the added position of playing 'prefect' for the night class vampires and ensuring everything goes smoothly at school. He rarely has time to sleep and had to be ordered to take a vacation and got yelled at for returning early from it. To say that Zero is a hard worker is an understatement. He literally works himself to exhaustion.

Which is a complete contradiction to his school life prior to the vampires return to Kurosu Academy where he skips class by sleeping in the stables or chose not to attend for a year. In fact the only reason he attended during the past year away from Yuuki was because he was forced to by members of the Hunter's Association that were higher than him and were his guardians.

Zero is actually considered a genius and is a natural at everything he touches, but unlike some of the other characters in the series, it seems to be treated as something of a secondary trait of his. Zero is very modest about his intelligence and athletic abilities, preferring to blend in with everyone else instead of stand out as the protege he actually is. This likely has
something to do with his childhood and his twin brother Ichiru. The guilt Zero feels for 'stealing' the powers that rightfully belonged to Ichiru when they were in utero which resulted in his brother being born sickly and unable to be cured by human means resulted in Zero attempting to blend in instead of standing out of the crowd in everything he does. He would much rather not participate in sports or school than stand out.

Zero has had very tragic and traumatic experiences that have left him with some personal contradictions. As a child, Zero questioned why they killed vampires and his brother Ichiru even questioned if Zero would be able to succeed in his duties as a hunter because of his kindness. After everything that has happened to him, it's obvious he no longer has any issues with that. In fact, Zero is feared and known among vampire society for his ability and coldheartedness in dealing with vampires and his unparalleled abilities to take on vampires of any level, which is extremely rare. Yet that kindness remains, a fact that is expressed by Yuuki, even if he's threatened her life several times and tries to treat her with distance and professionalism--when faced with an illusion of Zero shooting her she doesn't even waver in her belief that Zero would not do that. Even when he pulls a gun on her upon waking without his memories of her, she makes a comment on how he's kindhearted and not a threat to her.

Zero can be extremely loyal to those he cares about, willing to given his very life to Yuuki and living only for her sake at one time during the series. The same Yuuki who he later constantly threatens to kill after she was returned to her true form of a pureblood vampire. Still, he's saved her life several times, is shown to miss her presence and treats her differently from the rest of the purebloods--no matter how much he denies it and turns around and threatens her life to emotionally shove her away after she attempts to reconnect with him. That bond of loyalty remains.

In order to survive, Zero has forced himself to see the world in black and white. There is good and bad. He genuinely sees himself as protecting humanity and desires for no one to ever experience the same things he has had to experience, to be used as a tool in a game between pureblood vampires. His experiences have clouded his judgement but he attempts to play by the rules, only following orders and never acting outside the boundaries that have been set for him. His way of choosing to play the game is by biding his time and waiting...he's patient and waiting for the order that allows him to act. He's has goals but lacks ambition to achieve them,
choosing rather to let things happen naturally instead of making movements himself. To him, this is fair--a lot more fair than the choices he was ever given that got him to this point.

In reality, Zero is extremely emotionally unstable. In order to survive during the year away from Yuuki, he drank from his kills. The blood of Level E vampires are filled with madness and made things even more difficult for him. Still Zero refuses to allow anyone close enough to see how damaged he really is and does an amazing job hiding his every emotion from the world.

Zero Wikia

Canon Abilities or Powers:
Zero was born a Vampire Hunter, which is a genetic trait passed down through the bloodline. Due to the circumstances of his birth as a twin of the Hunter descendents, Zero stole most of his twin's abilities as well, making him an extremely powerful hunter at even a young age, which we witness during childhood flashbacks . These powers include the ability to naturally detect vampires (sort of like an internal GPS), slightly elevated healing abilities, the ability to wield anti-vampire weapons and place anti-vampire barriers.

Zero began his training at a young age, providing him with the skills and knowledge to utilize various weapons ranging from swords, staffs, hand to hand combat and firearms. He is an especially talented sharpshooter, holding the ability to cut a straight line in a piece of paper by lining up his bullet holes one by one.

By becoming the very thing his people hunted, one might think it would become problematic for Zero and make things more difficult for him. Emotionally, yes, it has been a struggle for him for many reasons but one thing Zero has difficulty admitting is the fact that becoming a vampire has huge assets in terms of his powers. He was a powerful hunter to begin with,
but his vampire powers have only strengthened his abilities. Adding inhuman strength, speed, hearing, healing smell and the power to use vampire hunting weapons at full strength--something no other hunter has the ability to do.

The combination of the two has created a very powerful and unusual being that the boundaries of powers are untried and unknown. Zero is a hunter who can do things hunters can't do and a vampire who can do things vampires can't do. But both seem to compliment each other and make him something entirely of his own.

Add in the fact that he devoured the blood of his brother to complete the fragmentation of the hunters curse, received blood from Kaname Kuran to stabilize him from falling to level E, drank from Yuuki for months before she returned to her pureblood state and drank from Sara Shirabuki to gain power to go against Kaname later--the power-up he has been given is quite substantial and he is now arguably the most powerful character in the series with the ability to resist the pureblood compulsion and take down a pureblood. Getting shot by his own weapon is something that should almost kill him but it doesn't do much damage. He is the only character that is not a pureblood vampire that has been shown capable of shattering glass by his mere emotions going out of control.

Vampire Hunter weapons are somewhat sentient as they are created from the furnace that a pureblood sacrificed her life to grant a group of humans the ability to kill vampires by throwing her heart into the flames. Zero's weapon, Bloody Rose, is a gun that is over 10,000 years old and one of the very first weapons created. For most hunters, it would only shoot anti-vampire bullets. For Zero it creates vines that fuse with his body and can be cast out to devour even the most powerful of vampires.

Fairy Tale Role: Soldier from The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Anderson
Fairy Tale Powers or Abilities:
The soldier, like Zero, is used to fighting in battles with the assistance of weapons. In the fairytale, the weapon of choice is a sword which he uses to kill people that are against him.

The tinderbox the soldier steals enables the user to call forth any number of three vicious hounds of various sizes. The sizes are described by the size of the animal's eyes: teacups, dinner plates and windmills. Strike once, you get one dog. Strike twice you get two dogs. Strike three times, you get all three dogs. They do the bidding of the person who summoned them. The request has to be specific, bringing gold from the tree and retrieving or returning the princess from her tower, or even discarding of those who wish to oppose him.

Obviously the results of this depend on the holder on if they are for good or evil. Zero isn't a selfish person and he certainly isn't the type to destroy others for the sake of his own agenda. But he's not afraid to fight and use the tools at his disposal to enable him when necessary in situations. He's more likely to use it to aid someone or ...because he has a bad sense of humor and would find amusement in it later on--much later probably.

Personal Items:
His anti-vampire gun-Bloody Rose--which will be just a normal gun I would assume.
His horse (and bff)-White Lily
Pack of blood tablets

First Person Sample:
There have apparently been a number of people arrive in this place in the last few days who don't belong here. I'm curious on what information any of them have discovered about this situation that others may not know yet.

Have you determined what your purpose is?

Has anything strange happened to you?

Did you come from someplace where you had other powers that you find lacking now?

Hopefully comparing notes on everything can help us determine how to get out of here and back home.

Third Person Sample:
Here, Here, and Here


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